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        Escalator parts Escalator Handrail for Otis

        Price: $ 1.00 /piece
        Brand: Otis
        Model: Handrail Belt
        MOQ: 1 pcs
        Warranty Time: 1 year
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        The handrail is a customized product. It is customized according to the customer's meter and style. Please carefully confirm the meter. If it is too long or too short, it will not be used. Model: SDS, SWE, OTIS, OTIS800, Hitachi GRF, Hitachi GRF-1, LG, LG-1, W-BT2, W-BT3, Fujita STD. Suitable for elevator brands: Schindler, Otis, Mitsubishi, Hyundai, KONE, Fuji, BLT, Toshiba, Fujita, Sigma, etc.

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